Simple Rules For Those With Digestive Disorders To Remember

Digestive disorders are becoming increasingly common. So too are those who choose to put up with or tough out the uncomfortable symptoms associated with them. Choosing to not address these symptoms, which could be the result of a structural or functional defect in your digestive system, puts you at an increased risk for more severe problems. That is why Utah Digestive Health Institute’s gastrointestinal specialists recommend these general rules when dealing with digestive problems.

Know You Family History

We’ve heard it time and time again, it all comes down to your genes. If there is a family history of certain digestive disorders, you should be on the lookout for any of their tell-tale signs. Your risk is increased for many conditions if it has run in your family. These can range from gall stones to Crohn’s Disease and colon cancer.Utah Digestive Health Institute

Seek Professional Help

One of the worst things you can do with a digestive disorder is attempt to self-diagnose it. With so many outlets for information, when someone suspects a digestive disorder or food allergy, too often they will decide for themselves whether or not they’ve got this disease or that allergy. It’s one thing to have a stomach ache for a day, it is another to deal with weeks of intense abdominal pain. Early diagnosis by a digestive health specialist can make treatment much easier.

Maintain Your Weight

Obesity increases your chances for a number of diseases: heart disease, obesity, cancer and yes, even digestive disorders. Common gastrointestinal diseases like IBS and GERD are up to three times more common in obese people than those who are of normal weight.

Fiber May Be A Clich√©, But It’s Also A Must

It’s in cereals and grains, fruits and vegetables, and even supplements like Metamucil. Fiber is a staple for a healthy digestive system. It can prevent constipation and is key player in contributing to a well-functioning digestive system. Get your daily fiber from whatever source fits you best and help your digestive tract.