New Study Shows Increase in Colon Cancer Cases in Americans Under 50 Years of Age

 Researchers have analyzed data from the U.S. National Cancer Institute from 1975 through 2010.  They have found that colon cancer rates in Americans have overall dropped by 1 percent each year during that time frame.  This is finding is positive, but they have findings that are not as positive.  Their research of this data also found that the incidences of colon cancer have increased, and are expected to continue to increase, in young adults that are aged 20 to 49. 

 The study showed that age seems to be a factor.  Colon cancer rates fell around 1 percent each year in people aged 50 and older.  However, colon cancer rates increased by 2 percent each year among people between the ages of 20 to 34 and by nearly half a percent each year in people between the ages of 35-49. 

The study predicted that by the year 2030 to 2030 colon cancer rates are expected to increase by about 38 to 90 percent, respectively, among people aged 20 to 34.  They also predicted that colon caner cases would decrease by about 23 to 41 percent, respectively, in people over 50 years old. 

Researchers of the study say that the exact reason for the increase in colon cancer in young adults is unclear.  Experts suggest looking further into if dietary and lifestyle factors in young adults could play a role, along with genetic links

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