New At-Home Stool Test Aims to Detect Colon Cancer

A new at-home colon cancer test, called Cologuard, tests for DNA mutations in stool.  Cologuard looks at blood and DNA of cells that are found in the stool.  In the blood and DNA cells they look for mutations that have been linked to colorectal cancer.  This test is more accurate than the current stool test…

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Study on Mice Tests Botox Treatment on Stomach Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, 11,000 people in the United States will die this year from stomach cancer.  Stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer.  It can be very difficult to treat because it is usually “silent” which  means that is usually isn’t diagnosed until it is so advanced that patients need extensive…

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Scheduling at an Ambulatory Surgical Center Can Save You Time and Money

There are several benefits to scheduling your next endoscopy procedure at an ambulatory surgical center compared to an outpatient hospital.   Not only do ambulatory surgical centers work to provide the best possible experience for the patient, but they also save you time and money.  Ambulatory surgical centers provide the most cost-effective care that save the…

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