Study Suggests that Fish and Exercise Could Help Prevent Recurrence of Colon Cancer

A new study conducted by a research groups from Michigan State University’s Breslin Cancer Center suggests that a diet that consist of fish and regular exercise could help prevent colon cancer from returning in patients who have previously been diagnosed with colon cancer.   The study was a multinational study that surveyed 1,515 colon cancer patients form the United States, Poland, Vietnam and Western Europe.

The study survey asked them questions regarding their diet, exercise habits and whether they smoke or drank alcohol.    The purpose of the study was to see whether or not these factors could influence their colon cancer progression.  According to their findings, those who ate fish less that twice per week and exercised less than 60 minutes per week were more likely that have a recurrence of colon cancer.  The study did not find any other dietary factors that seem to contribute to the likelihood of colon cancer recurrence including the consumption of red meat or alcohol.  Also, smoking does not seem to contribute the likeliness of colon cancer recurrence.

This study is still considered preliminary until reviewed by a peer-reviewed journal.  To read more about the study and its findings, visit http://consumer.healthday.com/cancer-information-5/colon-cancer-news-96/fish-exercise-might-thwart-return-of-colon-cancer-finds-study-688450.html.

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