Scheduling at an Ambulatory Surgical Center Can Save You Time and Money

There are several benefits to scheduling your next endoscopy procedure at an ambulatory surgical center compared to an outpatient hospital.   Not only do ambulatory surgical centers work to provide the best possible experience for the patient, but they also save you time and money.  Ambulatory surgical centers provide the most cost-effective care that save the government, third party payers and patients money.

Currently, Medicare pays hospitals 81% more than ambulatory surgical centers for providing the same services.  According to ASC Association, if just half of all eligible surgical procedures were scheduled at ambulatory surgical centers instead of outpatient hospital, Medicare would save $2.5 billion each year or $25 billion over the next 10 years.   Copays for the patient are usually lower at ambulatory surgical centers compared to hospitals.

Another benefit of scheduling at an ambulatory surgical center is decreased time spent at your appointment for your procedure.  Data collected from the National Survey of Ambulatory Surgery show that the average time for services performed at a hospital are 50% higher than ambulatory surgical centers (147 minutes vs. 98 minutes).

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