New Study Suggests Quinoa Safe Grain to Eat with Celiac Disease

A new British study that was published in the January 21st issue of The American Journal of Gastroenterology suggests that is seems safe for people who have celiac disease to consume the grain quinoa.  Celiac disease causes an immune response in the small intestine when the protein gluten in eaten.  Gluten is found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye.  Many physicians and dieticians have long recommended quinoa as part of gluten-free diet, but some research has suggested that quinoa may not be good for patients with Celiac disease.

To help determine if quinoa is safe for individuals with celiac disease, the recent British study added 50 grams (just under 2 ounces) of quinoa per day to the gluten-free diets of 19 patients with celiac disease.  The patients were allowed to prepare the quinoa anyway that they preferred.   Researchers tracked the participating celiac patients through blood, liver and kidney tests.  The study found that quinoa was well-tolerated by the patients and did not worsen their condition.  The study points out that is important for further studies to be performed to determine the long-term effects of consuming quinoa in individuals with celiac disease.

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